Sunday, July 20, 2014

From The North

Our first week at the trailer saw weather ranging from a rainy 12  to a hot and sunny 31. Right now we are escaping the heat to sit in son Charlie ' s house - in his family's absence I might add as they are down in the big smoke for a wedding. Thanks to some clever family member who suggested Grandma and Grandpa use matching key code for our Thornbury door lock -as they use here in Hearst,all the better to remember it by- we are right now comfy here in the air conditioning, doing our laundry and watching a Blue Jays game.

Each year when we arrive at our trailer by the lake, there is enough  that is unchanged to make us feel at home again. But always there is something new and fun to see.

This year it is this.
Yes, a teepee. In the tenting area, the park owner has built this for campers.
Completely furnished too.

Tomorrow the 'wrap' goes on. Passing through Hearst on the Trans-Canada this summer? Why not stay in a teepee?

Monday, July 14, 2014

Flood Repair

Most years, by July 14,  we are  - and  have been  - at our trailer near Hearst for a week or so.  This year things are a bit different.

First there was the family  trip around the Gaspe. And once back home, there was this.

You might remember that in late March, early April,  of this spring, we had a basement flood. 
Er Um, according to official, water-damage language, we had seepage.  Two inches of water that destroyed all basement flooring and baseboaards.  Call it what you want, I called it disastrous.

Although we had never previously had moisture in our basemennt, and presumed the cause to be  the severe winter which  would most likely never be repeated, we nevertheless felt we couldn't take the chance of 'letting things be'.

First step was to install a sump pump which we did late spring.  Second step was to hire a contractor to dig up around our foundation as far down as the weeping tile
to 'see what we could see.'

Turns out that is an easier thing to do than a homeowner might suspect. They have cameras.  And it turns out we had a crushed weeping tile at the outer corner of the garage.  Now, new weeping tile, new tar coating,

new rubber membrance,

new cement blocks to replace disintregated ones near the crushed tile

a new weeping tile

 to take the downspout all the way down the driveway to the curb,

and a much-depleted bank book, we are almost back to normal. 

That means we can now leave for the trailer which we are doing today. I have my knitting, some food, my knitting, some clothes, my knitting  and we are ready to go. 

I  have my tablet with me and will post every time I can get close to wifi.  Bonne vacance tout le monde!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

Thursdays might be for  knit group but obviously my routine is still somewhat discombobulated from my Gaspe trip.  I completely forgot to write this post when I got home from knitting yesterday.  Or perhaps it was that I was actually at knit group in July when normally I am in Hearst.  Either way, here it is  - a day late and  a dollar short.  No shortness of fun and knitting.

Doreen, has an almost completed 'thing'. She has knit this piece - one of those pieces that is meant to be sewn together in such a way as to be able to wear it to the front or to the back and still look fashionable. 

But she cannot figure out how to  do that.  It is pinned - but not correctly according to Doreen and she wonders still, how to do it.  You'll figure it out, Doreen.  The puzzle doesn't stop her from looking chic and summery in her great hat and lovely scarf.

Not many of us can - or at lest I cannot -  wear a hat with as much panache as Doreen.

Sandy, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but life is all about choices.  All those books and all that yarn.  You will have to decide.

Poor Ingrid.  She is having back issues.  She can lie down.  She can stand.  But sitting is too painful.  It was amusing  to watch her knit standing up. 

This latest creation is to be a scarf.  Big and cozy -  for her grand daughter who likes big and cozy things around her neck.  Hope your back heals soon, Ingrid.

A wonderful treat for me to be at knit group in July.  We hope to heave for Hearst in a few days  - so  - all my Thursday friends, I'll see you  in late August.  Until then, happy knitting.