Friday, April 29, 2016

Stash Enhancement

A few posts back I mentioned that I was, seriously this year, going to get rid of my stash.  The method planned was to knit head, neck and shoulder pieces to give away next Christmas.  Using great quantities of stash yarn for each piece  was the goal.  In fact I do believe I used the word annihilation in describing the 2016 goal for my stash.

Well, Bag Lady Sue changed my modus operendi.  As of yesterday I have given up on the annihilation and have started to move forward to the enhancement.  Stash enhancement.  Yep a complete 180.  There is just no explaining the way a knitter's mind works.

Here is what I brought home from Sue's great give-away.
 This glorious roving type yarn with globs of contrast colour attached will make wonderful cowls.  Just a simple cast on of 30 - 50 stitches, a BIG needle and knit until the 50 yards in each skein is gone.
The yarn by Pagewood Farms comes from Arizona.  Designer yarn for sure.

A ball of red licorice for another cowl  Such colours.

 More roving type yarn in bright colours.  More cowls.

And below,  4 balls of Paton Classic in a brown tweed with one ball of white for contrast to knit a   
 cardi for me.  Perhaps  Fredericton   or  New Concetta

And last, forced on me by Sharon R, who knows my colour palette, is this gorgeous ball of Trend Setter  Bouquet in various shades of greens and blues and various textures of ribbons and yarn along with a coordinating ball of Ella Rae.  The green in these yarns is a pukie, pea-soup green. Should look wonderful on me.  I'm thinking cowl again.

Apparently the left overs are coming back next Thursday.  Mmmm, maybe I should take ....... 
No, NO!  Someone  stop me.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

We had a knitterly, better-than-Christmas afternoon, today at knit group.  Better than Santa or Pere Noel.  Better than a stuffed stocking  hanging from  the mantel.  What we had today was a visit from Sandy's Sister Sue.  Better known, because of her beautiful, hand-knit, felted bags,  as  Bag Lady Sue. 

We love it when Sue visits Sandy because she brings us all her no-longer-wanted yarn. 

 Shopping at Sue's is about the best yarn shopping one could do.

Quality yarns, unusual yarns, designer yarns, sourced from near and far.  Like shopping online but with the tactile experience included.

 Mind you, despite our yarn haul, none of us were/are as lucky as Sandy.  Look at the shawl she is wearing. 

Sue's design, knit by Sue.  Sue's Poppy Shawl, gifted to Sandy.

Sue brought with her, another gorgeous shawl.

Such creativity.  Such  a way with colour.  Such a way with design.  Sue is truly a one-of-a kind knitter.  We are privileged to know her and darn lucky to be the beneficiaries of her cast-offs. THANK YOU SUE.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Margarita Progress

There has been some daytime knitting.  It's a hard thing to do, daytime knitting.  Too many years of a 9-5 work habit have made me suspicious of my own intentions when I sit down, mid-afternoon, to knit.

But with Black Margarita, and my age-related, less-than-perfect vision, I have no choice.  Despite the lack of knitting hours and depsite the rip-backs due to much too interesting telelvision, I have, nonetheless,  just passed the 'great divide' of sleeves from body.
 Today, I will bring out my bravery and try it on.

Without me in it, I did place it over the shoulders of one of the dresses that inspired the knit.

 I love, love, love it, so I hope, hope hope it fits. 

There are, I'm sure, mistakes in the lace.
 But I'm also sure that with all that is going on in the pattern, the mistakes will go un-noticed.  If not, I subscribe to the philosophy that "Those that matter won't mind and those that mind don't matter."