Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Monkey Business

Miss Abigail and I stopped into  the Napa Wool Tool Store in downtown Hearst last week. Sadly  for me, my friend Ruby and her hubby retired leaving the yarn store  under new management. Management- who perhaps knows it's market - has stocked the shelves with the likes of Red Heart and Canadiana

Appealing to a 12 year old it seemed, as Abi picked Canadiana in  variegated pinks and a pattern for a monkey hat.

With the model at a friend's house, Grandma got to try it on.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Knitting News From The North.

Despite July's 'stay inside  -  good for knitting weather  -  there seems to be a lack of trailer  knitting production this year.  But  this week, I did finish my little Talbot Trail Shawl.

Both yarn and pattern were purchased last summer in St. Thomas at Little Red Mitten.  Only a year on the shelf!   Not the longest shelf life!

This pattern is one of a three shawl series designed by Little Red Mitten's owner, Joan Janes.

  I chose Berroco's Mettalic Sox yarn for mine and it has produced a bright and cheerful piece.

  The shape is crescent shaped.
Achieved by an outer edge increase on every row and a centre increase on every other row.

This should brighten a dark winter coat or nicely accesorize  a winter sweater. In fact I wear it as I write this -another cool summer's day. Happy summer everyone.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Still More Nuggets From The North

Saturday was party day at our marina trailer park.  The reason for the festivities was the owner's 50th birthday. Or at least that is what the invitation said. But turns out, the birthday  having occurred on June 6th, was just an excuse.

The mayor was in attendance and the teepee was officially opened -
- and rented out for the long weekend. 

There was live music courtesy of the owners' son and his band. 

Brenda and crew started the festivities at the bar. 

Some things never change, eh? 
So very  Canadian, to party by a lake.
I hope everyone is having a  great summer.l