Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Grand Daughter Abi has been vacationing here with us  for a week or so and yesterday helped me scour my knitting room for yarn and patterns to take to the trailer.  We came across a couple of knitted items in my bag of give-aways that had not yet found homes.

Abi tried them on - and now - homeless they are no longer.  

First claimed was the multi-coloured H20 Hat

One of several  knit but unclaimed from my Great  Christmas Give-Away of 2014.  Also in the bag were the Kitimat hat and mittens, knit a couple of winters ago, still waiting for a home.

Abi like them all. 

No mean feat in a 13 year old.  Previous  address - my give-away bag in my yarn room. Current address - Abi's suitcase.  Future home - Hearst.  They will arrive this weekend.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Not Even Semi-Precious

Having knit for more than 30 years, this piece is, nonetheless,   my first attempt at knitting jewellery.

Knowing that my very, white-white Cotton Concerto  was so not my colour, I thought it a good idea to put some flattering colour up close to my face.  Not wanting a scarf - too hot in the summer- I decided to try to knit a piece of jewellery.  There are many necklace patterns on ravelry (just search I Cord Necklace) and I reviewed all the free ones.

In the end I decided to take the basic concept learned by reading the ravelry patterns,  then do it my way.

I knit 5 lengths of I Cord, each in a different colour.  I knit the first cord, then made the other 4 either just a bit longer or a bit shorter. I joined their ends  together  with a separate length of one of the  yarns used in the I Cord.  I then passed  that same piece of yarn through 4 beads and finished by tying  it to a little heart that would act as a stopper and not pass through the beads.

Having done that from both ends of  the I Cords,   those lengths of yarn  can now be tightened or loosened simply by pulling on the  hearts.  This allows me to wear the necklace tight to the neck or not so tight.  Whatever suits my mood. 

It is not diamonds or rubies.  It is not even semi precious.  But it adds just the right colour touch  to the neckline of my white-white   top.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

Summer is here.  Knitters are travelling or planning to travel. But that doesn't stop the knitting.

Ingrid was at knit group to day.  She has been otherwise occupied these last few weeks so it was great to see her today. She was working on another interesting piece,

but I was more intrigued by what she was wearing. Here she shows me how the only shaping is done with the two side strips.

 Being wider at the bottom than the top, those two strips provide sufficient room for the hips.  Knit entirely in Koigu  each strip combines many different skeins.  Tons of ends to sew in, Ingrid said.  She especially likes the front neckline which she shows off below.

Carol finished her interesting piece.   
This she hopes to wear often next winter in Florida.  I imagine you will, Carol.

Sandy B brought her friend, Christina,  with her today.   Christina said she was taught to knit at the age of 8 and between then and now, had only knit one item.  Until sandy convinced her to pick up the  needles again.  

Who but Sandy would have her end a multi-decade knitting hiatus with mitered squares?

Wilma, today,  had one of the most unique pieces I've ever seen.   The Mermaid Blanket. The first of the two crocheted blankets - one for each of her two grand daughters - is finished.

A bit too complicated for me to envision, Wilma had to crawl into it.

Then show off the tail.
The grand daughters will  love this.  

Sharon, home from Newfoundland, showed what yarn/pattern her hubby asked her to buy.

Good ole' Briggs & Little for a pair of warm slippers.  Can't get much more Canadian than that.

Today may have been my last knit group for a few weeks.   By this time next week, I expect to be deep in prep mode for an early Friday departure for the trek to the trailer in  Hearst.  I will try to
sneak over to knit group, but if I don't make it, have a great summer, Meaford knitters.