Friday, March 27, 2015

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

Even when posted on a Friday, Thursdays Are Still For Knit Group.  And thanks to Nan for the gentle prodding about no blog postings.  "Where are you?" she asked.  "Are you sick?"  No, not sick.  Just busy doing some sorting, spring cleaning and knitting without enough  progress for posting.  No one at knit group seemed to be having the no progress problem though.  Well, perhaps Wilma.

Ingrid of course has another new and unique project.  Shades of denim, -not the greys that my camera shows - in a tunic style, this piece is another one-of-a-kind.

The colourful shoulder pieces were knit separately then knitted on.

The wonderful zig-zag hem.
Does that inspire everyone to try knitting a tunic on small needles with fine yarn?  Or shall we leave it to Ingrid?

Gail had started a cute baby sweater with Astra.

 She is still working her way through a box of yarn given to her by the husband of a friend who passed away a year ago December.  That's  a lot of yarn.

Sharon R is working on a baby dress as well.  Different reason than Gail, though. 

Sharon, being a relatively new knitter,  challenges herself to learn something new with each project.  This little dress has taught her a new stitch design, and the top-down technique.

What is Sharon making?

A cowl.  Lovely yarn with a bit of a sparkle.  The ends are meant to be sewn together and Sharon thinks she might put a twist in it before she does that sewing.

 Jean has finished those two at a time, on two circs, leg warmers, knit with Kroy sock yarn. 

Too late, Gail told her the easier way to do leg warmers is to head to the thrift shop, buy a wool sweater and cut off the sleeves for leg warmers.  Now that's a plan.

Wilma is still working on the grey cabled vest. 

She is tired of it she says.  So tired of it, she took a time out and knit a small  baby blanket to give the vest a rest.

We've heard from all our snow birds and by mid April, they will all be back in town and at knit group, we hope.  Till then, we'll keep our needles moving.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

On To The Sleeves

Patchwork's sleeves have been started.   
Sleeves done on straight needles, knitting back and forth, seem to take me forever.  Done on circs they go much more quickly.  A bit of Magic Loop at the narrow beginning does the trick until the circumference is big enough to take the entire cable.  Once I get to the cap, I will revert to back and forth knitting for that shaping.

And - Fred's puzzle is finished. 

1,000 pieces - well actually 999 -

I purchased it for him at Valu Village for 99 cents.  He sure got his money's worth.  And I have my blocking board back.  Patchwork is on the board now.

Our weather is showing definite signs of spring or as we knitters call it 'cotton knittin' time'.  I want Patches done before that cotton leaps onto my needles.

PS: I sound like Rick Mercer but -  Gail A sent me this notice about a workshop at Storybook Farm in Manitoba. If you are out that way, drop in.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Patchwork Missed Me

I did take my Patchwork
sweater to Hawaii.  Day one, during the long, ten-hour flight, I did knit.  Then the poor thing was stuffed into a bag and never saw any Hawaiian scenery at all.  The flight home started at 11pm.  The plane was dark and I was tired, so no knitting on that trip.
Back in the groove now - or at least getting there- and Patchwork and I have shared some time together.

Both the back and the front are now complete and shoulders sewn together with a three needle bind off.

Ends are still trailing,

but I've learned to sew in ends last.  Too often when I've sewn them in before completion, I end up trying to find those darn tails in order to remove them for a re-knit.

These pieces need to be blocked but I am waiting for Fred to finish his latest puzzle.  He has confiscated my blocking board for his puzzle pastime.  That means I must schedule blocking between puzzles.  Sensing spring in the air though,  I am hopeful he will give up the puzzling soon.

Patchwork, you may remember, is knit with two strands of Knit Picks Palette.   It is my first time using Knit Picks yarn and I am interested to see the knit-life of this economy wool.  Tomorrow, on to the sleeves.