Monday, November 17, 2014

This Sweater Needs A Name

I keep referring to this current sweater

as 'My Niece's Sweater'.  Which of course it is.  But that is not a particularly catchy name.  The sweater  needs a better name.  Somehow, it reminds me of a Teddy Bear and  I need to come up with a  name that suits the look.  Any suggestions?

Will I get it finished in time for my  self-imposed,  end-of-November  deadline?  I'm still hoping.  The sweater needs to be 25 inches long and right now it is closing in on 21.  Another inch or so and I will start the trim.  I don't want the trim to  pull the sweater in over the hips at all.  My niece had her first baby last November.  They call him Jack.  Her post-childbirth hips might be called  - the hips that Jack built.

To accommodate  - and camouflage  - the hips, I am increasing the hip area by two inches more than  the bust area.  And I will finish off with a trim that doesn't pull in.  I am thinking garter rib.  That will mimic the button bands, and doesn't have the pull in effect of normal ribbing.

The next question is - should there be some blue at the bottom?  I think not.  That would have the effect of bringing the eye to the hip area.  After I've worked so hard to hide the bulge, I wouldn't want to have the eye drawn towards it.  Maybe some blue on the sleeve cuffs to tie it all together while having the eye focus on a prettier body part.  That's my plan at the moment. 

And the other part of my plan is to knit for extra time each day to be able to present this sweater at month's end.  And - to come up with a good name.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

The first snow squalls of the year happened minutes after we settled down to knit today. A few minutes sooner and many of us might have decided to stay home.  Now, what fun would that have been!

Jean was back today after her vacation to Utah.  Yep that's right.  The third knitter from our group to vacation in Utah this year.  She was wearing the wonderfully complicated vest she knit last year.  And she wasn't too happy with the fit.  Too large through the waist, Jean said.  Especially noticable through the back.
 Jean  had two solutions in mind.  Rip it and start again. Or knit a tab and button it to the back at the waist to draw in the excessive fabric..  Osa, our resident, retired seamstress said 'No.'  Osa suggested that a side seam, hand or machine sewn, would be must less intrusive on the design and so a better solution. To show Jean, she basted it in for her.   (See Nicki spin.)

Jean liked the new and improved look.  (See Nicki spin.)

 Sharon R was in a ripping mood today, too. This is last year's hat.  
Too small, says Sharon.  Given the price of the Manos with which she knit this hat,  Sharon has decided to rip and re-do.  I would do the same, Sharon.

Wilma crocheted two slouchy,  capped hats this week.

Wilma plans to give them both away.  But just in case she changes her mind, we decided she looks better in the plum one.    It is much more flattering on her than the grey.

Angela, our only 'working girl' doesn't get Thursdays off often enough.  But we enjoy her company when she does manage to knit with us.  She struck this glam pose to show me the infinity scarf she is knitting for an elderly  customer who is now, too arthritic to knit.

Gail showed off the diagonal scarf she knit last year.  Still looks good, Gail.

See Nicki spin.  Still.  Wrapped in  fleece she kept her drop spindle turning  all afternoon.  

Fortunately, by the time I drove home the squalls were minimal.   Perfect timing, 'old man winter.'

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Remembrance Day

Here, I give you the rich mosaic of a Remembrance Day in Canada.

I snapped a 'selfie' - all dressed in my Legion uniform ready to head to the meeting spot for the march to the cenotaph and Remembrance Day services. 

Fred has already left, also dressed in full uniform.  He is in charge of organizing the wreaths.  He picks them up a few days before Remembrance Day, tidies them up, straightens ribbons and  replaces any that are too decrepit to be respectful.   On Remembrance Day,  he leaves home early enough to place the wreaths at the entrance to the cenotaph,  in the order in which they are to be laid.  Once that chore is done, he will join me in ranks, and we will march together with our fellow Legionnaires,  to the cenotaph.

Then I snapped a photo of my neighbour raking her leaves. 
It would appear she isn't going to the cenotaph to pay her respects.

Does this bother me?  Do I think we should all be at the cenotaph?  Not at all.  I think my neighbour is living her life as she sees fit.  Isn't that what was  fought for?  The freedom to live life free from censor?  We should never forget.