Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Storm Productivity

It has been a long time since I have had  as high a knitting productivity level as I had last week.  It seems that stormy weather can greatly heighten my  knitting output.  In addition to the two and a half hats I mentioned in yesterday 's post, I also knit two scarves.
Washed out colour due to no flash.
Machine knit them,  mind you.  But machine knitting, for me at least, happens so infrequently that I begin from the beginning each time I use the machine.  Remind me again how  I cast on/ short row/ create lace.
 Last week, I decided to resurrect my machine and spend a couple of stormy afternoons using  some stash yarn and knitting  a few scarves. I had managed to acquire several patterns for machine knit scarves and wanted to try them out. In the end, I discarded all the new patterns as being too much work. I can't see the point of fussing for hours/days with a machine knit piece.    Isn't it the object of machine knitting  to be able to complete pieces faster  and with less frustration than hand knitting? 

Instead I returned to a lace, scarf pattern that I have knit previously.
 It is easy and fast.  I knit two of them last week with each one taking  about an hour to knit.  I made one slightly wider and experimented with a different bind off.  That new bind off  isn't as nice as it could be,  so that one is mine.  The other one, narrower but more perfectly knit,  will be gifted.  I know just the red head to wear this colour. 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Fun For $2.

A knitter can only stand so much  same same.  Last week during the storm and the flu, I took a break from knitting  the Blue Hippie and turned my attention instead to hats. Inspiration for this switch, came from its usual source - ravelry  - where I came across this $2.00 pattern  from CHICknits. 

Why it is called the H2O Hat, I do not know.  I think I would have called it the One Hour hat.  Or the Pie Hat, as in easy-as-pie.  Knit with either bulky yarn or three stands of KW held together and only 23 rows,  it knits up fast!  

Waiting for the storm to pass and the headache to subside, I knit two hats and started a third.

The first two are knit with three stands of bits & bobs of stash stuff  held together while the one on the needles is Knitca Wool Slub.  Such fun.  While the pattern calls for knitting this flat and sewing a seam up the back, I couldn't  see the point of that.  Mine are knit in the round.  Even more fun.

My goal now is to have a box full of these in various colour combinations to take to the family Chirstmas get together and let the young ladies go at it.

Monday, November 24, 2014

What A Week

Last week was one not to be soon forgotten.  Our area was slammed for three days by high winds and snow, leaving many roads and schools closed.   I was housebound.  Normally not a bad thing in winter as it means more knitting time.  But last week, while bad weather ruled the outdoors, I was indoors and  under the weather.  My first - and hopefully last -  flu-like illness of the season.  Too snowy to go outside and too headachy to knit.

I did manage to finish the body of my niece's sweater

and get started on sleeve number one.
 I need 18 inches total, so a bit of knitting yet.    The end of the month fast approaches.

That second marker you see holds a dropped stitch.  I noticed it  when showing off my  bust darts to another knitter.  It would have been better to notice it when it first dropped,  but better now than after the sweater is gifted.

Thanks for your suggestions for a name for this sweater.  One reader suggested The Hippie Sweater after reading my remarks about  widening  the sweater to cover the wider hips of a young mother.   Thanks, Marie.  Another suggested  Hint or Touch Of Blue. Thanks, Deb .  So -  maybe Hippie Blue.